T. G. Wilkinson Antiques Ltd

Market Square, Petworth
West Sussex GU 28 OAH
01798 343638
Monday to Saturday 10 to 5.30


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Tony Wilkinson has been trading in antiques for over forty years, and is now Petworth's longest established period furniture dealer.

The main stock for trade and retail is high quality formal furniture, with a small amount of decorative and country pieces if something has that extra appeal.

In the shop you will always find the best in 18th and early 19th century mahogany, rosewood and walnut furniture, with great emphasis on colour and originality.

The furniture is also complemented with a selection of mirrors, pictures, boxes and collectable items, to suit all pockets. Each item is clearly priced and described in detail, and as a member of the British Antique Dealers Association you could not get a better guarantee, that each item is as described.

Visit us in Petworth’s main square or browse our site. We ship to all parts of the world by road, sea or air.

A Happy New Year to all.

    What will 2015 bring us all? Well cheaper petrol prices must be a blessing for all antique dealers on the road doing high mileage, I know my fuel costs were enormous last year.

    Looking back on 2014 it really was not a bad year by any means, we struggled but found some great pieces which sold well to the trade and private buyers, the problem for business again this year will be trying to source good material at the right price, each year gets progressively harder and this is compounded by a market that only wants the best pieces, as these are the ones that hold their value in harder times.  Any dealer is only as good as the stock they can find, so fingers crossed I will fill the car with that cheaper petrol and do even more mileage than last year to bring back the winning lots.