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Trade Demand Increasing-Supply of Goods Diminishing

The falling value of the pound has certainly had the result that overseas trade which has been thin for some years is suddenly reemerging again, enjoying a 20% discount on twelve months ago. We have had dealers from as far afield as China, America and the southern oceans spending quiet happily again. Their only complaint now is the lack of goods to purchase in todays market place, we notice todays buyers and decorators are looking for style with real quality and originality plus surface and colour, and with these items in short supply the basic laws of economics will tell you that prices must rise quickly to satisfy demand. As one famous dealer once said "you can always make more money, but if you miss this item you'll never get another like it, for its unique".
A Guide to Picking the Right Antique Bookcases

Antique bookcases are one of the most loved pieces of  antique furniture thanks to their versatility and functionality. Bookcases have always been ornate and elegant and if incorporated in the modern or traditional spaces, often add a lot of characteristic appeal. The utility of these versatile antique beauties goes far beyond just displaying books.    
The Year So Far

We have again got of to a busy start this year but as always struggling to find the best period furniture at the right prices, the supply gets harder every year but should prove a good investment for those who are buying quality today. As always be careful and only buy from trusted sources and need I say members of the BADA, I always stress to new clients do if at all possible go and inspect pieces, do not trust on line images and descriptions alone and build a good relationship with a dealer you like who will then in turn look after you and give you the long term support you and your furniture may need.
Again if you are thinking of selling we are always here, send images in the first instance and we can give an indication of worth, I usually suggest you get a local auctioneers valuation and we can then often give you a pleasant surprise without all the associated costs and delay of auction.
Turner and the Age of British Watercolour

Following the success of previous winter exhibitions, Petworth House is is preparing to host the next one which takes place from 7th January until 12th March. Turner and the Age of British Watercolour features thirty-six stunning watercolours by JMW Turner and his contempories. This will be a rare opportunity to see such a collection together and should prove well worth a visit.
Christmas Opening Times

Our opening times over the Christmas period will be:
Closed on December 24th until Saturday 31th
Open Saturday 31st  10am-5pm
Closed Monday 2nd January.
Open as normal from Tuesday 3rd from 10am-5.30pm

Wishing every-one a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Autumn News

We have again been very busy for the last few months and again struggling to find those special pieces with character, originality, colour and surface, details that are even more important today than ever before, so if you are thinking of selling do let me know.
The Petworth Christmas Event will take place on the 3rd December this year, always a very festive way to start the winter season and we look forward to seeing you here then.
Capability Brown the English Landscape and Petworth

To commemorate the 300th birthday of Lancelot "Capability" Brown the man who designed the landscape of Petworth Park and so many other well loved locations the National Trust is hosting an exhibition to explore the work and incredible scale of Brown's landscaping. Entitled "Petworth Park Revealled: The Naked Landscape", the exhibition runs from 2nd April until the 6th November, 11am until 4.30pm.
February News

Well the year has started remarkable well, January is not usually considered the best of months with short days and tax returns to depress us all, but we have sold some very good pieces throughout the month. I have managed to buy some good items as well which will be arriving in due course including a very good smaller size Georgian mahogany breakfront bookcase, but as usual I am struggling to find enough to supply demand, so if you do have pieces to sell do please let me know, if it ticks the right boxes I will pay more than most. Looking forward to spring, come and visit us in Petworth.
Happy New Year 2016

Who knows what the New Year will bring, but I would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy one. We can all cheer ourselves up on these grey wet days by staying indoors and enjoying our traditional antiques, and perhaps even planning on searching for that new addition to be added to the collection. Happy hunting in 2016.
Opening Times for Christmas and The New Year

We will be closed for business on the 24th December reopening for the 30th and 31th December.
NEW YEAR. 2016
Closed on the 1st then open as usual on Saturday the 2nd.
Wishing all a very Happy Christmas, and a peaceful and health New Year.
Pairs of Lamp Tables

Due to the endless demand we are reintroducing the range of solid mahogany and fruitwood pot cupboards and tables we used to get made about fifteen years ago. These tables are usually copies of 18th century examples and can be supplied in any size for bedside or drawring room. The price of an original Georgian pair is usually in the range of ten to twenty thousand pounds so it is quiet understandable why these pairs always sold so well. They are polished and distressed to complement and fit into a room of otherwise original furniture. Please do contact us with your requirements.
July News

Again the month has started very well, my only complaint yet again is the shortage of good furniture to buy these days. The demand is certainly out there for the better pieces but both dealers and auctioneers are finding it is only the very best that sells. As a result we are only too happy to pay top prices for fine furniture, if you have items to sell simply e-mail pictures to me and I can advise as to value and what we are willing to pay.
May Bank Holiday

We will be closed on Monday the 25th for the Spring Bank Holiday.
Petworth Park Antiques Fair and Gwenda Morgan Exhibition

 The first Petworth Park Antiques Fair, closed on Sunday and I have to say was felt to be a great success, with a wonderful location, great attendance and business done, what more do you need. We look forward to this being the first of many such events.

Do not miss a special chance to see the work of local artist and wood engraver Gwenda Morgan 1908-1991. This will be in the shop from 25 April through to the 20th May.

     It will be well worth catching this event and making another great day out in Petworth.

Fresh Stock Arriving

We have been very busy of late, but have some exciting items in the pipe line, including a very fine Gillows pattern mahogany library bookcase and a rare Regency period Turtlestone inset rosewood table. Arriving this Saturday is a very impressive grand scale country house mahogany bureau of rare kneehole form, I have never seen one of this type before and would love to find a spot for it at home, sadly like so many of my regular customers I am just running out of room. All these pieces and many more will appear on the web site in due course....
Easter Opening Times 2015

We will be closed for Easter on Good Friday and Easter Monday, but very much

                           open on Saturday the 4th from 10am-5.30pm

The Year So Far

Well what a wonderful start to the year, business has been moving very well the only problem again is finding enough quality stock at the right price. The market for English period mahogany furniture has focused on only those pieces which have design, quality and originality including a good surface and patination. This is just as it should be, but the supply side has reduced greatly in recent years and consequently we are now seeing this reflected in prices for the best items really  firming up, younger buyers are back in the market as well and prices must continue up as demand outstrips supply.
Bookcases - Forever Favourites

Always a favourite, the bookcase still holds its own in this digital age. Our collection includes  different examples from the Regency period including Chippendale and Sheraton designs.

Period Furniture Wanted

          Well the year has got of to a flying start, which is a wonderful surprise for a cold January, but it has left us very short of good furniture. We still have a great stock but I like to see a good back up in the workshop waiting in the wings as it were, and this is looking very depleted.

           If you are thinking of selling we are always very keen to buy the best and most untouched pieces, and are usually prepared to give a great deal more than sale room estimates.

A Happy New Year to all.

    What will 2015 bring us all? Well cheaper petrol prices must be a blessing for all antique dealers on the road doing high mileage, I know my fuel costs were enormous last year.

    Looking back on 2014 it really was not a bad year by any means, we struggled but found some great pieces which sold well to the trade and private buyers, the problem for business again this year will be trying to source good material at the right price, each year gets progressively harder and this is compounded by a market that only wants the best pieces, as these are the ones that hold their value in harder times.  Any dealer is only as good as the stock they can find, so fingers crossed I will fill the car with that cheaper petrol and do even more mileage than last year to bring back the winning lots.

Christmas Opening Times

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We will be closed for the Christmas holiday on December 24th 25th and 26th.

Open Saturday the 27th. Closed 28th Dec- 2nd January.

Open Saturday the 3rd January for 2015. Please form an orderly queue.

A Country House Christmas

Petworth is holding its annual Christmas late night opening on Saturday 6th December, and in conjunction with Petworth House the theme this year will be "A Country House Christmas".

Do come along and enjoy the festivities, stop for a relaxing lunch or hot chocolate, and hopefully find that special gift or piece for your own home.

Superb Large Regency Rosewood Centre Table

I am so pleased to offer this wonderful large scale Regency circular centre or dining table of a size one rarely encounters. This table has just emerged from a period water front property at Dell Quay near Chichester, and has not been on the market for many years.

Goodwood Revival 2014

So this year's 2014 Goodwood Revival is coming up the weekend of 12-14 September 2014. This is the chance to come dressed in some classy period attire and enjoy the magic of yesteryear.
Interesting Additions to our Collection of Antiques

We at Wilkinson Antiques have always been known for our varied stock. We always scour places in search of items that are quirky, distinct and have a personality of their own. This includes high quality formal furniture along with some decorative and country pieces is what we usually stock. The latest entrants in our repertoire of beautiful antiques are some very unique things from the Georgian and the Regency period.
Antique desks for modern workspaces

Now days the home office spaces have becomes relatively clutter free thanks to the advances in technology. Gone are the days of the specially made computer desks housing computer processor tower, keyboard, screen and printer with all the attendant wires and electric plugs, often together with attendant file cabinet. With the arrival of tablets, and laptops a simple desk suffices and this can be clutter free and thus making the workspace look clean and efficient so can be 'on show' again. Many are turning to the use of antiques desks again as these are not only functional with the large desk top and many drawers for storage but also look good on most environments.
Decorating with Antiques

Decorating a room with some antique furniture is a wonderful way to add style to a room.

For instances the armoires, antique wardrobes and cupboards  like the Georgian Oak Corner Cupboard   add a great presence with their larger proportions and they are usually big on functionality with their large storage capacities.
Antique Occasional Tables

The very first references of the occasional tables were somewhere in the late 17th or the early 18th century where the term occasional tables was reserved for the draw-leaf or the drop-leaf tables which could be extended for hosting parties and entertaining guests. After this the name occasional tables shifted from these extendable tables to mean any of a variety of small tables and included tables such as the coffee tables, tea tables, card tables, cricket tables, side tables, bedside tables and others.
New Items Arriving

After a very busy couple of weeks the shop is suddenly looking rather empty, but not for long I have some really exciting pieces coming along in the next few days. Some from private houses, such as a large Georgian design solid mahogany three pillar dining table of wonderful colour, and rare size.

Large Antique Dining Table

  Regency period solid mahogany dining table. Circa 1830. Retaining its three original leaves of the finest dense timber, figure and colour, these practical tables are so flexible closing in stages to just the two ends, and with the legs set at each corner no one gets an obstruction in the way. It is rare to find a table like this still with the original leaves,  as the leaves being loose are so often spoilt or lost, and though period replacement leaves can be found they are never a perfect match in either figure or colour. Sold.